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Nitpick, please

Below you will find and cut and pasted copy of my Lit paper from this semester.  I picked it up from my professor this morning, and she informed me that I needed to try and get it published.  I'm proud of this paper, but I know that there are nitpicky little things that could be fixed within it.  If I fix my own nitpicks, I can kill a paper.  This is where you fine lot come in. 

Please, grab a red pen, your critical cap, and point out any and all loose ends, niggling details, or misspelled words [hopefully, there will be none of the last].  I've left all my references within the paper, but I've left my works cited page out of the copy since it doesn't need to be nitpicked.

The paper breaks down the differences in characterizations between chicklit protagonists, and the protagonists in Barbara Kingsolver's novels The Bean Trees and The Poisonwood Bible.

Thanks in advance.

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A dilemma

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On Thursday nights I run a role-playing game. This involves me writing large chunks of flavor text as the characters explore the world and interact with its inhabitants.

I have given myself a words-per-day quota: 1,000 words, every day. If I don't meet my quota, whatever I've missed gets added onto the next day's quota, with 5% interest. (If I go over the quota, I don't get to apply it to future days; I'm not allowing myself to build a buffer, because the goal is self-control, not output.)

The question is this: how do these interact? During last night's game I wrote 2,259 words of flavor text alone - not counting my various interactions directly with the players (since I don't count my chat room time or my LJ/weblog posts in my daily count). Should I apply that to the 4,313 words I had to write yesterday, leaving me with 3,157 due today? Or should I treat my writing quota as a Writing quota, and not count anything but actively Writing toward it?
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(no subject)

This is a play I've been working on for school (due Wednesday)and only just finished. It's about 6,000 words long, but I would really appreciate it if someone would give me feedback because I've grown quite attached to it and want to make it the best possible. I've never had a child, so there's a lot I can't relate to, and I need to make sure the angst and sap factors aren't over the top. Also, I'd love some help finding a title.

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Arms and the man I sing

I find that when fans ask authors "where do you get your ideas?", a large part of the reason that everyone comes away baffled is that the fans aren't actually asking the right question. What the person asking the question, in my experience, really wants to know is: what inspires you? We all have ideas by the dozen, the score, the eleventy; the problem is the execution, and inspiration is the bridge between idea and execution.

I've been having a hard time getting inspired lately; I have plenty to write about, but no real motivation to write it. It's like my muse has gone on vacation. So, since my Writing filter is completely empty, I'll ask you folks: what inspires you? What forms do your muses take? What do they do to make you want to write, to draw, to create?
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Newsies: Blink/Mush: So I Will Hold On


Okay, so I have a question for the group (I'm just full of those): what sort of editing process do you use?

I ask because I just finished the rough draft of a YA scifi novel and, well, it's very rough. But I've never written anything with the hopes of publication before, so I've never tried to edit anything longer than about 10 pages, where this is 76 and needs massive overhauling in some places. But at this point I'm too intimidated by how rough it is to even be able to go back and read through it, so I just feel like I need some sort of plan for how I'm going to go about this.

So, yes, does anyone have any advice?

(Crossposted a few places, with some details at temira. Thanks in advance!)
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Dreaded Newbie Post

Hey! I'm new to this community, so uh yeah *waves*

I wrote a story a while ago for my creative writing class, based in the genre of magical realism. I got a pretty decent mark on it, however since then I've been working on it a little bit, improving things here and there. I was wondering if I can have some sort of feedback on

1) Whether the story truly stays true to the magical realism genre ( basically, magical elements sort of appear realistic settings. The fantastical part of the story is supposed to be subtly infused in the real world, and sort of seem natural)

2) Whether any aspect of the story felt rushed (it's a pretty short peice) especially the ending.

3) Whether it would be a good idea to try to expand on the idea or leave it as a one shot.

I'll link to my deviantART account since it's got all the formatting in place. Click Here

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to take a look! Remember criticism is welcome (as long as it's not exceedingly harsh)
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A Villain, a Monologue, and a Challenge.

Okay, so I scribbled this out on a notebook at late o'clock last night. I feel that it is coming from a villain...or, rather, someone about to turn really terrifically evil...but then, maybe not? The Challenge: either end or begin a drabble/fic with the following clip. (Length, plot, setting, etc. are up to you - this only a Place From Which To Jump.)

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Happy Drabbling!
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(no subject)

I wrote this late last night, and the theme just evolved out of lying in bed without being able to sleep.  All I know about rape is what I got from watching far too much SVU, so any concrit on that front would be much appreciated.

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Resurrection Day

Hey, all. I've been lurking and commenting here for ages, but never had anything to post until now.

I had a really strange dream this morning and woke up wanting to write about it, so this afternoon I started on it and am posting it here for two reasons: feedback as far as the writing itself is concerned, and feedback on the subject matter.

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